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As a realtor in metro Atlanta for the past Thirty years, I have had the opportunity to savor the many different neighborhoods that make up our area. I have chosen to live in historic Marietta for the past twenty years for many reasons.
We have a unique blend of neighbors here- some who have called Freyer home for many decades, many young couples with children, and others, (like me and my husband Tom) whose children are grown. Any given day you will see neighbors walking dogs, babies and visiting with each other. At Christmas time, we all get together for the annual mantle party-a rollicking good time with awards for best decorated mantle, child, pet, and the coveted “Velvet Elvis” for the overall best house decorating! In the summer, we have the “Bo Read Invitational Golf Tournament”- all participants dig a hole in their front yard and try to create a putt putt diversion above it. Afterward, we all bring food and have a great time. This area is unlike any other you will see-people with a sense of values, who guard their historic neighborhood fiercely. Yet folks who also have a sense of whimsy and fun and are truly the neighbors we have heard about from parents and grandparents.
So, again, welcome to our neighborhood-we hope you decide to call it home!

-Melody Unger